Gas Brake Dip Dip

The Game [ft. E-40]: Tell Me When To Go (Remix)
Southern Smoke 25
The Game [ft. E-40]: Tell Me When To Go (Remix)
The Inc Files 7

Wack Wall Street obsessives took note, this freestyle found a spot on both The Inc Files 7 and Southern Smoke 25, not to forget several other prank mixtapes WWS-obsessive Jack Swagger prepared for my amusement. DJ Smallz is no Nu Jerzey Devil when it comes to Game dickriding, and Amadou told me Tapemasters only bring the hot shit, always, so I wondered: Is Thizz Face the new Game Face?

It is just his regular face. Like last year round now, and six months ago, and however long this guy can keep up the shapeshifting and trendfucking and 50 baiting, Game forges new friendships in the hottest new cities--drinking the purple stuff, coloring the candy paint, trapping things, whipping Ghostrider, etc. And this time out, seems that Game forgot how much he hates/needs G-Unit; depending on how you liked Game's track of Tony Yayo yelling "HERE WE GO YO!!!!" over Reel 2 Real's "I Like to Move It Move It," you could be disappointed here.

Anybody else taken by how much Game loves ghosts? "Cops pulled the Benz over," he explains. "Ain't nobody in it." But there is. Later: "Ghostride the whip/ Ghostwrite your shit/ And when I get writer's block I ghostride your bitch." I'm pretty sure that's an allusion to Hollow Man.

Elsewhere Game takes cues from Jeezy's trapper-not-rapper status, selling his rap career as a side project to his true vocation, basketball: "Got half the niggas in the NBA tryna fight me." He's like Ron Artest, he tells us. That puts Game in "pretty good rapping for an athlete" territory, next to your Tony Parkers and Terrell Owenses and (dare me) Phil Mickelsons.

More. The freestyle is also a curious though not at all subtle move toward career branding, and hints at a greater 'Game' lifestyle that includes many many things we can buy: G-Unot shirts, Hurricane sneaks, tickets to the 'Game' flick, a movie-inspired video game, and with any luck, a sport developed around a new kind of Game-branded deepwater scuba sunglasses sure to hit stores in time for Christmas.

But well you know okay okay see, Game's not hyphy. I'm not either; not faking it though. Granted as above, Game knows that whips are for ghostriding and Mac Dre is for overly sentimental touchstoning (though it's unclear whether Game thinks "Mac" is Bay for "Doctor"). The hyphy outsider has no reason to believe Game is fucking things up.

When he gets to the part when E-40 asks to "direct traffic"--a simple enough call/response that E makes all the more simple by adding "when I say something, you say it right back at me"--the masquerade is over. (Pun averted --Ed.) Game makes it through "ghostride the whip" ("GHOSTRIDE THE WHIP"), and even through the first "scrape!" ("SCRAPE"). The next 'scrape' though, Game's response accidentally falls on E-40's call. It's really small but still--dude's maxed out the chameleon thing.

Post Scrapegate: Game recognizes the error immediately, remembers to say "SCRAPE" his turn too, puts his stunna shades on, barks his way through the rest of the track like nothing ever happened. There's a reason the Tapemasters cut is nearly a minute shorter, the passage in question nowhere to be heard. Same reason I bet Smallz lets his run long. Same reason this line--"Jesus had dreads so fuck it i'ma grow some/ then i'ma shake my shit/ after that have a bitch braid my shit/ chop it off and fade my shit"--reads so damn tragic.