Ruined Men

J.R. Writer [ft. Juelz Santana]: What You Know About Crack
Writer's Block 3

Word on the block is that Jay Argggghhhh never sold. He spit fire round the camp fire and dude brought dude to dude (Cameron Giles) and dude signed dude. Sorta, even though he's on Koch (ack) and not W.B./Asylum. Now that King is finna win, people and players will horde that windswept collection of stompers for all they can muster. The game starts at Writer, who takes "What You Know," which is pro forma Dipset thievery material from git-go, and goes. J.R. chirpin: "You couldn't take this cold off my neck with Thera-Flu!" Really really doe? Yes. "I know all about crack." Dubious but we ride dirty. Santana does "dirty work" like Norm MacDonald when duke had jokes. "I'll be there in a jiffy with a bag full of Jiffy; I ain't talkin' bout peanut butter either brother." I'm sayin' these were days meant to last and we are but a victim of the Gleaming Cubes that jingle-jingle-jangle. Santana makes but a brief appearance on this thang and MURDERDEATHKILLS the shit. Actually what were we saying about Writer getting writtens for Koch? Yeah, makes sense in retrospect.