Pharrell [ft. Clipse]: Come Go With Me
In My Mind (The Prequel)


22 niggas
2 to a car
11 flagships with the three point star
the only other ballers is them three point stars
we only five-nine, they think we point guards (ha)
no jumper, still at the top of the key
no wonder, they thought we were shooting them threes
throw numbers, sell it for the deuce and a three
like air jordan, it's all in the wrist turning keys
your modern day chardonnay sippers
we throwing up our middle screaming fuck them other niggas
we spit it out like '94 Diddy on them niggas
ain't worried 'bout the cost, we know those hoes is counting figures
the games of the rich kids, we know what the tricks is
we turn our backs so we can fuck each other's bitches
the lifestyles of the rich and right now
any given sunday, in the kitchen, white clouds

Do you watch basketball? Do you play games? Do you write rhymes? Do you know lines? Do you push lines? Do you find time? Do you make time? Do you grind? Do you shine? He does.