Grown Kid With A Bike

DJ Green Lantern [ft. Juelz Santana]: Did U Miss Me Pt. 1
Juelz Santana [ft. 38 Special]: C.R.A.C.K.
DJ Green Lantern [ft. Juelz Santana & Dem Franchise Boyz]: Show You What I'm Workin' Wit
Juelz Santana: Did U Miss Me Pt. 2
Alive on Arrival

This is that that, or rather, this is this: tautological's an oft-slung adjective in ref. to Bandana's rhymescheme. Let's see if Webslings stick where they're 'posed to. Promise for penance I'll eat whole the next Tapemasters R&B jumpoff, no chaser, if it's wack. (Aiight Haze?)

Rhetorical faults of style, tautologies aren't just easy bonus points on my 8th grade math quiz. A/K/A redundancies in language; in mathematics, they can be related to a concept called vacuous truth, exemplified by statements that take the form, "everything with A also has B," where there is nothing with property A, like: "all woolly mammoths inside the belly of a whale like Papoose freestyles. " See, vacuously true. Onto Mr. Me "Do what you do..."

Funny that "A is A" is known in logic as the law of identity. [New chain idea! -Ed.'s recommendation] (And coincidentally alliterative that said law is often attributed to Aristotle and Aquinas.) And we're AoA, presently: a crypto-Santana mixtape, 4 tracks full w/copiously sampled hook material, cos he's Green's secret crush. The tape's meaty bits bookended by your boy's jovial queries -- "Did U Miss Me?" pts. 1 & 2, (Both the cutest shit on the block, both w/the same similarly questioning MJ sample from The Jackson's "I Wanna Be Where You Are") -- AoA's a useful illustration of Juelz's particular, perfected fault of style. Excused as guiltily pleasurable, Santana's rhymes are certainly vacuous, but could you find a better description of how his lines feel than 'vacuously true'? And he's so excited to be so: "You guys full of it/ you seen cash before/ but not a shoebox full of it/ You guys get full/ with a pocketful/ Man, I'm trying to send my son to rocket school" (Hope I'm not willfully misreading that last line). Standard Dipset games, but cos playful's pleasing, they're ones we're willing to play. Just not with Jones, cos I hear he smells terrible.

"C.R.A.C.K."'s effervescent piano loop naturally draws nothing but jester out of Juelz, who tomfoolerys the shit -- what else to do with the most inane of acronyms as yr title? "Now, my chick game proper cos my whip game proper/ my chick game proper cos my dick game proper/ I get work for cheap and then serve it cheap/ you get work for cheap and then serve police." Repetitions employed in the interest of style in speech/writing are not technically considered to be linguistic/rhetorical tautologies, so the term is too loosely applied to Santana's stanzas in many cases. But regardless of the law's letters, Juelz's discovery of this device, juvenile and stunningly effective, gratifying and maddeningly simplistic, accounts for much of his lyrical appeal. Or maybe it's just the fucking bandana.