Ain't Even Have To Do The Makeup Thing

Rashad [ft. Young Dro & T.I.]: Tell Em What They Wanna Hear
Day One: DJ Drama and Young Dro

Wanted to speak on Dro proper, but got caught up lovely with this one. Already a page-load fave on the Black College MySpace Circuit in its Tip'n'Dro-less incarnation, Ray-Ray/Rashad's "Tell Em" starts off innocuously enough: (thematically: "Watermelon car/ watermelon guts/ damn shawty fine wit a watemelon butt") Dro + beat, both on the 1. Proceed through '3am-now-I'm-almost-splittin'-with-her' talk -- we still good. Cue syrupy-sweet sang-sang, saying much of the same. But the way Dro winds up his verse all puppy-cutesy, more Gipp than anything, hints at more. Not until the song's titular, spoken sample cuts in, undercuts in even -- and Wy'Cliff, pay attention, cos it sounds just like a white guy doing "the white guy voice" -- do we know what's up, imploring us to... Tell. Them. What. They. Want. To. Hear. Hilarious.

Call me Cynical, but in't this the most honest love song of the year? It's all lies.

I realize I sound like my ruefully lovestruck 15 yr-old self, but that's useful. Both the inverse of that Sonnet you memorized in high school and its mirrored twin, the most interesting idea here's the song that's not being sung. Is honey-dip Strobe-lit or the genuine article? Does it matter? It's all game, sure, but it's negligible, just like all these half-to-no-truths. And they're supremely well-intentioned ones (for the most part): the sweet, erm, white-lie answers to those bear-trap questions that make a day with your lady extra-pleasant ("You not too big, you just thick in the waist"). There's more tenderness in that than some kisses. Sure you can't trust a damn thang here, but duality's part of the pleasure. Try listening to T.I., with that same "Why You Wanna" cadence, slanging game like, "You say you're 27, but you look 19," and not smiling. He's never had to say that, ever.