Baby I'm Coming

Lil Wayne: This Is What I Call her
DJ Drama & Lil Wayne: Dedication 2

Ever get the words vagina and Katrina confused? When Wayne says underwater, do you think he means underwater like mermaids and Spongebob, or mermaids and Superhead? Underwater like his house? Darling, beautiful, miss – could these just be different kinds of bathing suits? Wayne may well be writing letters to Starks, like: Dude, you weren't underwater. You were knee-deep in a vagina! You were sending fucking e-mails out of there!

Is it trauma that even when Wayne hits he’s surrounded by jellyfish and seashells? Did they get that far inland? His college math is a killer either way: Georgia=Bush, bush=Georgia, Georgia=Katrina, Katrina=bush. If he’s always talking about pussy, even when he’s talking about seashells, does that mean he’s always talking about, you know, seashells when he’s talking about…?