The Definition of New York

Busta Rhymes: Definition of New York Interlude
DJ Green Lantern and DJ Kay Slay: On My New York Shit

Ya know what the fuck it is: New York shit. Now as we continue on, for all parties involved, whether you're from New York or you're from outside of New York, let me give you this definition of what New York means. The word "New"... "New" is an adjective. The word "New"... It means, having no previous example, no precedent or parallel. It also means of a kind never seen before. Bottom line is, "New" means: We are the motherfuckers that set shit off. When it was never set off ever anywhere else, we set shit off. Now. The word "York"... "York" is a noun. Them English motherfuckers created the word "York." Niggas from England, and shit. They gave it a definition that means, an English royal house. When you put the shit together, it says: "New York."