I Heard He Kill People

Cam'ron: Killa Cam (Intro)
Killa Season

Strings swirl, guitars tick down, drums, build up. It's been a year and a half. Too long. We're ready for this album to start. It's time. So here's Cam: "Before we get into this Killa Season, let's start this shit off with my man 40 Cal." Oh. Um, OK. We can do that. I guess. 40 Cal sucks and all, but Cam has just given him the biggest platform of his life, so he has to murder it, right? I mean, he can't not murder it, right? Oh man, 40 Cal sounds angry. Maybe he's angry because this "You will be wondering what are we gonna do now" hook comes in every three bars or some shit and keeps him from ever building up any kind of flow, like he could anyway. "I'm a role model, I make the hustlers proud / I make the customer smile." Proud doesn't rhyme with smile. Do the hustlers know that? If they did, maybe they wouldn't be so proud. "If it ain't Vivica, it's someone similar / Coming down the block, the suspense is killing ya." The suspense is not killing me. I feel like I've heard these lines before, but it's not like I keep a mental note of every 40 Cal verse I hear. I don't think 40 Cal even keeps a mental note of every 40 Cal verse he hears. Jack Swagger does, though. My favorite part is where some guy goes, "They make Hummers in brown?" because that guy is not 40 Cal. And then Cam does a song, and it's OK, but the damage has been done. You know what I like about Rick Ross? He's not 40 Cal.