In What?

Cam'Ron [ft. Hell Rell]: "Something New"
Killa Season

Potshotting on Hell Rell is like shitting into a blind man's mouth and calling it a cataracts. Thing is dude leaves himself so open anymore I don't know whether I'm reaching grade-a asshole status with this post or just playing into what Rell really wanted all along--for someone to call him the Dipset Morgan Freeman. So there you have it. Penguins, prisons and 18 copies of Hellraiser, none of which I had to pay for.

But guess the "hell" what? Someone besides Jack loves Rell's swag. He took some time out his busy Hell on Earth CD duplication schedule to replace Jaheim here, probably last minute and I respect that. What's more probable, Jaheim bailed on Cam after the scene in Killa Season when the two degos go Rambo on that guy's dick, a/k/a the "touch it or not." These are tough times, so you can understand why Rell, a friend to the max, agreed.

Kowtow--it's Rutherford's favorite word to mispronounce, but for word or action Hell Rell doesn't have the patience. He's going to disobey Cam'Ron, even if neither of them realizes it. So this is what we know about the "she" of "Something New":

"she fly
she cute
she ride
(in what?)
in coupes

I like to pretend Hell Rell is the interlocutor there--like he's really curious and then is so amped he found out the answer. He isn't, but he's in the studio for sure:

"Hell Rell and a model sitting in a GT

Is it possible Rell's already forgotten what "she" ride in? His GT could be anything: Bentley GT, Mustang GT, GT3 that racing video game, Escort GT, GT the BMX bike, and I feel like there's a booth at Pizzeria Uno called "the GT" that's basically just the bike rack back in the kitchen where all the Mexicans keep their stunt bikes. I'm talking specifically the Third Avenue location, so the joke's on Cam. Hell Rell could be back there right now, and you just know his face is covered in cobb salad.