Pardon Me If I Lost My Voice

Ghostface [ft. Ne-Yo & Kanye West]: Back Like That (Remix)

Kanye doesn't have the ability, wherewithal or grime-grit expertise to son Ghost on a regular basis but that's what it is here. I'm sorry. And it's a two-level toppler to boot. While Dennis does the motions, flopping a "how could you" outtake, it's West who's moving the fuck on after listening to "So Sick" four or five times. He's mapping out future video conquests (Eva Mendes), piggy-backing Katrina once again (his new chick is a "Creole ho" who never says "N-O, so…") and hushing gawker stalkers like a life-long retardo tutor with a classic 1-2 ("Second I walked in the whole room got still/ Don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal"). It's all fun, games, the like. Yet, I'm overcome with sadness. It's Tuesday, sure, but dude really couldn't put this nonsense together when it would have mattered, say, a few months before fish didn't really scale? As Ghost languishes at No. 60--touring like an indie van band high on bologna-on-hand--surrounded by Korn's new one and a Poison greatest hits, Kanye's chilling on a recliner on a Maybach on a yacht on a movie set trying to make "Touch the Sky" push him past four. Rumor has it Fishscale's delayed release was partially due to an expected beat/hit/smasheroo from Mr. West. He didn't come through and we got a sample-neutered Blaze track instead. So, as he blows in now, taking "Back Like That" back like that, it's funny but also a little insulting. Who owes who what--not going there, but Ghost deserved more.