Sprinkle Holy Water On Me

Busta Rhymes & Nas: Rough Around The Edges
DJ Green Lantern & DJ Kay Slay: On My New York Shit

The image of Busta, penitent and kneeling at the alter of the "New York City" cathedral, perhaps inserting his dreads in the collection plate and doing push-ups in the aisle, is too ridiculous for words. Not that I don't believe that Bussa Bus carries a few regrets. But then when you thought the scene couldn't be more deliberately reverent (I love the marketing of contrition. Let's be honest. Izzy's death is the best thing that could've happened to The Big Bang. How else would B. get to appear on the cover of VIBE last month, duct-taped and exclaiming(?) like he was on the movie poster for House Guest: The Return? ) and then this happens.

Get me. The broken glass drop couldn't have been better timed. Busta literally shatters the stained glass at St. Paul's upon his entrance. Bussa is actually inside the Kool-Aid man and they're breaking through the glass together and he's wringing out his beater into glasses and handing the glasses to the parishioners. I don't know where you do Lent, R.B. Haze, but admit you'd shine your saddle shoes for Sunday Service if you could share a kneeler with Bussa, dripping wet and filmy from 30 minutes inside Mr. Oh Yeah.

I hope they make a video of this with ghosts of Charlie Brown and Dinco D indian leg wrestling in the vestry . Also I think Hi-Tek hired actual ghouls for backup vox. Ghosts man. They're everywhere.

Side note: "Laying down with chicks with no feeling/I sleep with dead," he says. Bussa's tacit admission of necrophilia or a mild affinity for women with Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis? Someone's been watching too much House.