Stage Left

Black Moon: Who Got Da Props? (Video)
Boot Camp Clik: Video Surveillance

This isn't a relic, it's goddamn tear in the universe where lawnmowers and beach balls and loose fire hydrants and stop signs get sucked into the nether sphere. You know, when you could wear a windbreaker and a goofy-ass knit cap in a rap video and get spek. When DJs weren't just part of a group but might have actually been the most talented person in the crew, as Evil Dee's cuts are the sharpest Hanzos this side of Buck Knives. Moon shone, or something. And yes, they're wearing Jansports in this video. Cats just hung out in alleys (not alley cats, though) and grimacing wasn't just a gerund, it was the essence. You know who does the Screw Face better than The B.D.I. Thug Buckshot? Nodamnbody. OK, maybe not nobody. Save the "It was all so simple" sobs, shit's fine. But it is bright outside. I can't even remember the last good hip-hop vid set at night. And don't come at me with that Red Flag Rick Ross shit, that dude looks like he wants in on some NASCAR action. Jeff Gordo, holler (making blowed-cheeks fat face right now). Finally, bucket hats? Yeah, Buck's got a bucket. Difference is, he's got a head full of water. How else is gonna carry all that brain around?