Twinkle Twinkle

Jim Jones: We Fly High
Summer Was Fun

He did it. He fucking did it. I think Haze owes me a case of Honest Tea. Fact: Blanco doesn’t rap. No game-spitting here. He admits this. He's a businessman (man) and a grimy one at that. Fact: Goon-In-Charge has the second-best adlibs in rap. Really. See the remixed remix take on "Get 'Em Daddy," where he bombs in not with his first line (is there a first line?) but with the "my life's on the line and I'm going out shooting!" Goonies shout. Catchdubs brought that exact part back four or five times so it must be pretty fucking hectic. Sticking with "Daddy," fast-forward to the outro, with more of the best "I'm building the building" sonic tic in hip-hop: Dude's unstoppable "huh" hiccup. Is he nervous? Is it a mini-laugh? At himself? At Mix Hott[t]? Probably.

Getting his bird on while saying "wha?" to rap while embracing his call-back calling. Finally. Morons will deem it an unmixed pre-release rip but those in the know smile as the verses sneak by nearly inaudible. "What did that guy say?" says Rick Ross, genuinely puzzled. Then, the reactionary libs arrive--and get very loud: "You know last summer, that summer sure was fun (BALLERS!)" or "Remember when Cam fucks up and likens weed to a 'Hyundai' instead of a 'Honda' in Killa Season (MONEY AIN'T A THING!)." It's like a revolution in a bottle. Or a quarter water. It's like a backwashed quarter water barrel that tastes way better the second time around.