I Got That Condoleezza

Lil Wayne [ft. Juelz Santana]: "I Can't Feel My Face" (a/k/a "No Other")
DJ Drama and Lil Wayne: Dedication 2

My guess is the line comes from Blow, the Depp flick about George Jung, coke's Christopher Columbus. In the movie Bobcat Goldthwait, the guy who has the really fucked-up voice and does really stupid shit in the Police Academy movies, all of which involve him talking, says: "I can't feel my face. I mean, I can touch it, but I can't feel it inside." It's one of those blank, funny but deep sorta moments directors really like to play up, like maybe just maybe it'll make IMDB's memorable quotes section or something.

Me, I'm taken at how scientific rappers are getting about the trade. Here I am thinking "goddamn, they make crack in a kitchen? Pyrex? I really do have the inside scoop here" to wondering whether Jeezy meant "so much white it'll hurt your eyes" in the funny-but-deep historical coke-as-anaesthetic sense to knowing for pretty fucking sure that Juelz Santana probably knows the Latin names for all primary facial nerves. Science is straight, not metaphorical. Funny that the coke rap trade might subsume backpacker's ace up the sleeve: science-dropping.

Granted there's a bit of a scramble here--while snow statistics lose their purchase power, these guys prove their authority with chemical reactions and historicity. Less of a game with key players, more a matter of fact, which is this moral black hole I'm still not sure I'm willing to accept, especially when it's shoehorned into this rap vs. Bush Katrina shitstorm as active protest.

But who am I to judge. Wayne and Juelz haven't googled "basic laws of physics" yet: To touch is to be touched. As for metaphysics? It's not that you can't have it both ways--just that you must.