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Lil Wayne [ft. Pharrell]: "Gettin' Some Head"
Lil Wayne & DJ Drama: Dedication 2

This is like a throwback track in mixhut time but bear with me. I put Dedication 2 on at work and this kid who works mornings with me--who only likes "hip-hop with messages, you know, Mos Kweli, The Common, Jurassic Park, stuff like that"--totally flipped out. I was able to finesse the druggier and more violent raps with the usual/boring skill-exonerates-content stuff, sublimation of the ugly, but when this gem came on he refused to budge.

There are plenty of great punchlines, and apparently more ways to say "blowjob" than I thought there was: "She gets straight to that head like a fucking Excedrin" comes with extra applause for "fucking," since it's not just an expletive, it's a participle. So there's humor, and self-deprecation ("we climbing all over that little chair thang"), and balls-out slapstick (on the chorus, "superhead--what's good?"), but none of the sublimation, none of the crack game=rap game parallels, no "killing emcees" made literal.

If you push more product or shoot more bullets than another guy, it makes sense that you'd be a better rapper than him. But what if you only got more blowjobs? It's a little trickier isn't it. What if they were really bad blowjobs? What if your boy had fifteen blowjobs but you only had one, and it was one of those really patient, pleasey-teasy kinds that doesn't go anywhere, more about the journey than the destination, a/k/a "the Kerouac"? It's a shame these blowjobs don't get more press. Either way, I think there's a lesson in there for rappers. Blowjobs need quantification and qualification. My coworkers are counting on you. Is that too hard?

Alternate name for the Kerouac: the droog.