I Got a Honeybun

S. Dot: Skit #1 (Diff'rent Coke)
The Def Jam Mixtape: Hustlin'
S. Dot: Skit #2 (Where Everybody Sells Cocaine)
The Def Jam Mixtape: Hustlin'

Lotta speculation 'bout the way I be leanin', bout the balls that I'm bouncin', 'bout the menus I be perusin'. Too much coke this. Too much sanctity that. Too much romanticism this. Too much rogue-championing that. My question: If Splash and Lenny S. say it's OK to pop shit and then follow up this stuff with Rick-Ay RAW-SS rapping horribly over "Poppin' My Collar," ("Gimme dem tonsils!" -- he's finding new ways to make you vomit every single bar) then I'm fairly certain we can all weather this game's vagaries. I'm glad that everyone is watching Gary Coleman re-reuns in the back room while Mom cooks Mac&Cheese cuz she had a hard day at work. Me? I'll be rewriting blisstory.

Listen to the last 6 seconds of Skit #2 and tell me I'm an asshole. These guys can fuckin' sing!