It's Not Domino's, It's DiGiorno's

Lil Wayne: Walk It Off
Dedication 2
Gillie Da Kid: Friend of Mine

This isn't some typical cars-on-strings, SEPTA-ass bullshit. We know Gillie "bully from the 'burbs" Gill is doing his damnedest to turn Wayne into an illiterate check-writing fool, but now he's talking more-than-friends re: Weeze and his baby daddy, motherfucking Baby. At first, I scoffed--has Da Kid not heard of the blooming "Kerouac" movement? Then I thought for a month and realized his seemingly callous claim is the most on-target thing Gillbo has uttered since he compared himself to Tim Meadows.

Consider this dedication: "I ain't tryin' to fall in love/ I ain' t tryin' to get engaged/ You can meet me at the alter when a nigga really dead/ Everytime I'm tryin' to leave, she beggin' me to say/ And I politely fade away like my name was Em-Jay." Pretty gay. And the whole Wayne/Baby relationship has always been perplexing, kinda like David Copperfield and his dad. While many a Millionaire cried foul, Wayne continued to rep the franchise like Ross reps wraparounds; Ross loves wrappers, Wayne loves grown men named after generic infants. Of course, this revelation only widens Mr. Carter's "greatest alive" lead as double entendres go triple en route to civil rights heroism. So, Gillie, thanks for that.