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DJ Whoo Kid: "Change of Heart Skit #1"
DJ Whoo Kid and 50 Cent: Hate It or Love It (G-Unit Radio Part 21)

Like being a douchebag or dickriding in general, image posting is MH heresy. Still:

Apparently I'm supposed to look at this and say, "Oh shit! Game in leopard undies! What a fag bag! What a bag of dicks that guy is!" Read Mix Unit, it's all there. Clinton Sparks really wants us to know this is some funny shit so he just comes out and says it--funnier than W*ll White Chocolate D*kes writing about some buttery silk morning dew r&b chartreuse myspace chick he found facefucking her computer microphone.

The rest of the tape 50 Cent lays into a bunch of clowns but mostly the 'Cane. From what I can tell, this is why he thinks Game is a douchebag: Game was once on a pretty awesome, always hilarious TV dating show called Change of Heart, a show that every guy has definitely tried to get on because "I know exactly what I'd do if I were on that show, they wouldn't be able to say shit about me, I would bag every girl five times, there would be a Blind Date episode about me being on Change of Heart," etc.; Game has a really great body, nice enough that he can wear leopard underwear and look pretty good in them, no homo; on Change of Heart, Game was revealed to be one of those guys who actually treats women well, dotes on them a lot, cares about their feelings maybe a little too much, borders on "smothering"; Game started rapping late in the *cough*, game, and he was shot in a less violent, "it could have been anybody" type situation as opposed to 50 Cent being gunned at for that roffable paper-thin moustache; Game is not a great rapper. That's about it. Funny funny funny.

My question is: Who of us is a great rapper? I've definitely tried a few times and could probably get better with more practice, but that doesn't mean I'm great. Also, so what if Game was really nice to women? I mean, he learned soon enough that you're not supposed to hold the door for them, or leave notes in the morning because then they always expect you'll leave notes and then one morning you wake up and you're just like the last boring boyfriend she had, or say "thank you" after sticking your penis into her vagina. Surely he learned soon enough. Buttholes are a different story.

This is the beef that keeps on beefing, you know. I'm thinking a lot about that image in my science book from grade school, the one with the piece of steak left out on the table, fastforward six hours, the steak has generated thousands of angry flies. Just saying, G-Unit needs to step up its Frigidaire game.