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Uncle Murder [feat. Haze]: I Really Mean It
Uncle Murder: Got Yaself a Gun
Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn

"I don't care if you get kilt in front of your wife and kids/That's the game, that's the life we live/If you a rat I hope you get kilt in front of your wife and kids."

--Uncle Murder, 2006

It's not cool when MCs take the beat from a song and don't rename it. Like, OK, the Diplomats really meant it. They really really meant it. So, like, how much could Uncle Murder mean it. He could get mean, maybe. Actually that's probably what he means (See what I did there). Like he could really mean out on the track, get mad and do some wild shit like shoot up a Gristedes or something. Maybe Trader's Joe, if y'all nahmean. I mean this is some New York Shit we're talking about -- where my 14th St. David Wright Pink Polo-lookalikes at? Tryna holler at those dimes we always see traipsing around the NYU building. I see you ladies! You lookin' kinda good! I might gotta take my shirt off!

Point being, why couldn't Uncle Murder just rename this song "I Really Peed On It."

No, there's something more troubling about Murder, aside from the inability to be interesting and rap well. This person is the truest post-50 fuckhead I've ever heard. Dudes who call themselves Uncle Murder and openly diss Nas on their second mixtape ever WILL NEVER BE THE CEO OF THEIR OWN COMPANY OR ANY OTHER FOR THAT MATTER. Sell high Murder, sell high. That's the motto, otherwise play lotto.