Feel My Face

Juelz Santana + Lil Wayne: Bonafide Hustla
Mick Boogie + Juelz Santana + Lil Wayne: Blow - The I Can't Feel My Face Prequel

21 Questions (feat. Nate Dogg [Possibly. I have no idea. You heard something?])

+ When, precisely, is something so homo that it's no no homo? Which is to say, what is the threshold of homo?

+ Just how powerful a qualifier is 'no homo' anyway? That is: How 'homo' would it be to say, par example...wait, that wasn't it. Was that too homo for you? Let me start again:

"Jeezus, Marvin, you've certainly got quite the pussy wrecker on you. I wouldn't mind assimilating that butternut squash with my anus." Can one 'no homo' their way out of this?

+ Is calling 'no homo' like calling marshal law? Can a transient regime of 'no homo' be retracted? Consider the following: "Jeezus, Marvin, I say again, that is quite the placenta tickler. No homo, of course, old chap. Now: would you mind if I slobbed that shiny knob of yours? Oh, and, you know what? On second thought, homo. I recant. Yes, homo it is."

+ By virtue of the fact that you've seen fit to utter the phrase 'no homo' and ensured that your every possible word is not misconstrued, doesn't that imply you're constantly envisioning acts that others would construe as, well, homo? A prudent man might opine that everything else you say is, well, non-no homo, no?

+ Is 'no homo' available for gay usage? Why not? If so, shouldn't we be imagining exactly how 'homo' something would have to be in order for a queer gal or guy to use it in proper proportion?

"Say, my Good Homo Friend Jermaine, did you purchase that new Fiddy record? No homo."

+ If we're truly to insulate ourselves from the homogeneity (no ha-ha) of it all, shouldn't we be saying 'no homo' a lot more? Like when, you ask?

Like all the time.

Like after using the internet. Why? Because "you" were probably looking at gay porn.

Like after eating. Why? C'mon. "Eating?" Clearly just a cover for wanting to eat gayness.

Like after brushing your teeth. Why? Obviously.

Oh, right. This mixtape. Title's a li'l bit gay, I guess.